Pneumatic Air Pressure

We just got and instaled pneumatics we got it programmed and it works but we are losing air pressure so fast we can only open or close about 5 times. Does anyone have any information on how to fix our problem please help us out.

You have air leaks. The attached document may be of help, see the section on leaks.
pneumatics information.pdf (313 KB)

thanks is there any way to limit exhaust ?

Not exactly what you mean. Air is consumed by the system based on the pressure you use. Ideally, use the regulator to reduce pressure to the minimum you’ll need to operate the system properly, and you’ll conserve air consumption. “Limiting exhaust” is done by using the exhaust flow control valve (the 90-degree valve included in the kit) to slow down the exit of the cylinder exhaust (most teams don’t, and instead use straight fitting on both ends of a double acting cylinder). You should typically get 20 to 40 air cylinder actuations from a single air tank, depending on operating pressure.

When you run tubing for your solenoid, keep the tubing length between the solenoid and cylinder as short as possible. Whenever you cycle the cylinder, the air between the solenoid and cylinder is exhausted.

ok thanks

would the distance between the regulator and the solenoid make a difference in how many times you can open / close on one tank

Increased tubing before the solenoid will increase air capacity (negligible, since the hose is so small), but deliberately using long lengths of tubing for this purpose is against the rules. Get a second air tank instead

what would be the best way to run pneumatic tubing on a 6 bar without it pinching

I typically run tubing along the the arms and have extra tubing on all of the pivoting joints. I zip tie the tubing and leave the zip ties loose around the joints so the tubing can move if it needs to. Just make sure it doesn’t get pinched when the arm moves.

that was our original problem when we went all the way up it pinched and we lost pressure we fixed it thanks

Run your pneumatic tubing up an arm the same way you would run your wires. You don’t want them to be pinched or cut off. They also need to have a little slack, enough to move around but not get caught on game elements or other robots/robot parts.