Pneumatic Assisted Lift

We are trying to build a pneumatic assisted 6 bar lift. We want to do this because they will be able to have lots of force going up, and down when we want to lift ourselves. We have one issue though. We are wondering (we have not yet set up the tubing and such) how we can get it to be just an assist. Here’s what we mean. We want to use the strength of the piston, but we don’t want it to the point that we only have up or down. We want it to be very adjustable so our lift can be middle, not just fully up, or all the way down. What do we need to do to make this possible. By the way, we have two high torque gears at a 5:1 gear ratio (one on either side) also attached to it as well as two pistons (one on either side). We have seen this on may robots in SKYRISE and are wondering how they did that.

Thank you in advanced and good luck on this year’s season!

Search for 599D gateway robot.
One of the most impressive pneumatic lift around.

To do that you would only have them actuated when you want it all the way up or all the way down. @985C_Robohawks

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