Pneumatic Bike Pump Fitting

We’re looking to buy some replacement pneumatic fittings from Allied Electronics, and have found most of what we need. However, we can’t seem to find a bike pump fitting anywhere. Has anyone found/ordered these from a third-party source?

Haven’t found one to date. However, you can get the old tire pump fitting which is nicer since it doesn’t need to be mounted on the cylinder.

Edit: Make sure you grab a “Fitting for Reservoir” too to use with that
Edit: And a reservoir plug too haha. Here’s the old diagram

And just for reference, here’s a list of 3rd party pneumatic sources. Use at your own risk.

My notes say the tire pump valve is a schrader 8090410075.

Tank thread 1/8" NPT
cap thread 0.305-32


Something like this perhaps.

I see them on Amazon as well but no idea what the quality is like.