Pneumatic Brake

Just to make sure, pneumatic brakes are ok to be used as long as the brake doesn’t tear up the flooring. Correct?

Yep pretty much.

Although its up to the head referee, basically make sure you can’t damage any field elements with it. :smiley:

Yeah, I would suggest attaching some of the vex “mesh” padding to the bottom of the break. I’m not sure if that is in fact the name of the product, but it will keep it from cutting up the floor tiles

Im guessing you are referring to the vex anti slip mats?

Yep that’s it. Oops.

I know that QCC2(or maybe just Green Egg(team 44)?) has used a intake roller that goes straight into the floor tiles. It apparently left marks, but it didn’t “damage” the field :slight_smile:

Did the refs notice?

I don’t know, I was told this story by one of their members, but I don’t believe that the refs noticed.

Just try not to destroy anything, like don’t make your intakes dig freakin trenches in the ground. You never know what the judges say. I say just don’t leave marks. Brakes with mesh materials will definitely not leave marks.

I think the trick is to not move while your brake is active. So if you make a brake that can make an imprint (such as a intake roller) you have to make sure it can keep you from moving when another robot pushes you, otherwise you might get DQed, and your brake wouldn’t have helped you in the first place.

Active braking via PID loops on your motors are also effective. Having a second set of constants may be in order to help keep you exactly in place.

What if the other team tries to push you sideways(If you have a tank drive)?

If you have four omnis yes, you will move. but two front omnis will rotate on the front two but the PID will try and get you back to where you were with active pushing back. If you have four wheel drive vs left right drive.

A rotational PID contributing helps too…

I know that this isn’t a pneumatic brake, but for teams without pneumatic capabilities, would a cam type brake work? Like the cam launchers but straight down?

I guess. If you were going to use a cam I would have the drop from the cam make the brake deploy so that you could deploy instantly even if it takes a little bit of time to pull it back up. It doesn’t seem like the best solution to the question “What is the best compact way to turn rotary motion into linear motion” . Why not use rack and pinion? or even collection of bars?

You could have an entire surface rotate in via a mechanism I like to find at Busch Gardens - Da Vinci’s Cradle. One motor could swing the whole thing down. May take more room than you want though.

I was thinking a cam because that way it can be almost infinitely powerful. Just add rubber bands.