Pneumatic Coding Help

It’s team 98052A here. We were trying to figure out how to set up pneumatics in vex code pro v5. We have pistons that move in both directions (not the spring-loaded ones), meaning that the solenoid has one input and 2 outputs to allow the piston to activate in both directions. Wondering if anyone knows how to set this up. Right now, we have the solenoid configured as a “digital_out”, and just set it to true or false if a button is pressed. We can hear a click from the solenoid when we press the button but the piston does not actuate. Any help is greatly appreciated!


If you hear the solenoid click then it is definitely working. Do you have an air supply hooked up and the solenoid fittings in the correct positions?
This is the proper way to hookup double acting pistons.


Yep, it is all hooked up. We just found out that the bicycle pump wasn’t fitting right so the air was just leaking out in a few seconds. It’s all good now. Thanks!