Pneumatic component question


I had a question involving the solenoids, in particular the double action solenoids.

Last year on our 24" robot we had 4 double action cylinders and two solenoids actuating them. Whenever the cylinders were actively “pushed out” the solenoids would dump air continuously. My question is why did they do this, was it a programming error or are they designed this way?

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This would not be a programming flaw or design intention (per se). Have you checked to make sure your tubing is correctly plugged in and tightly sealed (it should be shoved in as far as it goes)? There are a couple of pictures and instructions on the product page here, with links here and here

Adding on to that, it’s certainly possible that your tubes are leaking (although unlikely that every tube leaks), or your pistons are faulty. They definitely should not be leaking air. The tubes should be far enough in the holes that you kinda have to push on that ring on the edge to release the tubes.

if you removed the bottom metal mounting plate you either need shorter screws or replace the plate. air leaks from that bottom plate.

The only time you should hear air movement is when the pistons are actively changing position.

Just for clarification

Wow, thanks for the quick and intuitive responses!!!

Unfortunately, I no longer have those specific solenoids as I had borrowed them from one of my former high schools (thanks 2068!!!). We have some “new” solenoids (I believe they are 1-2 years old but they haven’t been used or assembled) that I can quickly assemble this coming Friday and play around with.

I’ll make sure there aren’t any leaks and that the solenoids are complete. I’ll report my results once I finish the tests.

*Additional information:
The regulators on our cylinders were set up so that they would allow all available pressure to come through. I don’t know if this could have contributed to the air being expelled but I thought I would share this because I previously forgot to do so.

No the regulator should not have caused this as long as you did not have more than 100 psi in the tank when you were using them.

Hey everyone,
I performed the tests today with new equipment and came to the conclusion that my problem was most likely caused by faulty solenoids that I had borrowed.

Unfortunately we had a leak elsewhere, I believe it was the one reservoir we borrowed, so our pressure never stayed above 95 psi for very long :frowning:

I would like to thank everyone for their input as it really did help me move in the right direction. If anything else pops up I will let you guys know :slight_smile: