Pneumatic cylinders firing upon start up

Our pneumatic jaw starts in a default up position and fires upon start up. Is there a solution to keeping it up until program directs it to fire? (I recall a previous discussion on some media but cannot find it).

Are you using double or single acting cylinders?

Double acting. But could try single.

Our team swapped which tubing was going into each end of the piston and that solved our issues. It could also be an issue with your program.

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The single acting is extended in the default and retracts. Switching tubing does not resolve the issue.

I would also like to know how to resolve this issue. Having the single acting cylinders actuate every time we turn the robot on wastes a lot of air.

I understand the solution to the issue is procedural. You need to set up your system with a shut off valve between the tanks and air cylinders. You then fill your tanks with the valve turned off. With tanks filled, you then power up your robot. The solenoids will fire the cylinders but without pressure their status will not change. You then can turn on the valve and pressurize your system. Your cylinders should then still be at their default. I tested this using a competition switch and it appears to work. We will test it on the field tonight.


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