Pneumatic Designs

Hey, I just got some new pneumatics and was wondering for this years Starstruck game, if putting the pistons inside the claw would be better then out side the claw, and why because there is a lot of debate amongst my school and i just wanted to really figure it out before the US OPEN. Thank you!!

I would say outside of claw, that way it is pushing instead of pulling, and the objects inside the claw won’t scuff the piston cylinder.

Our team has tried both. I would recommend inside. With it outside the width of the claws closed is at best 7-8 inches limiting you to about 4 stars in a line. With the pistons mounted inside you get about a 12-13 inch width and can hold 6 or more stars though it might be necessary to mount forks underneath. You might also want to go back and read through this thread We use an active in and passive out as seen in the pictures.

I tried both. They both work the same. The only difference is that the pistons on the inside gives the stars one more thing to get stuck making some stars not go into the far zone.

To get a powered close you run double acting piston with only a valve on the closes hole, that way you get a powered close instead of both, saving air. I recommend pistons on the inside that way they are more stable.

It seems to me that cylinders on the outside make the claw narrower, thus making the capacity much lower. That was the main qualm I had back when I had a pneumatic claw.