Pneumatic Double acting cylinder

Anyone know if the vex double acting cylinder is available or an identical version that is allowed for vrc?

You can buy the same cylinder direct from SMC pneumatics, or a reseller such as or Take a look at the Vex product page, and the SMC part numbers are listed so you can order the right parts.

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Would NCJ2D10-200S work, since NCJ2D10-200 isn’t available or can i only use NCJ2D10-200 for vrc.

NCJ2D10-200 is a VRC legal double acting piston and NCJ2D10-200S is a VRC legal single acting piston.
Breaking down what that whole code means
NCJ2 just means a round body piston
D is for a double clevis mount
10 is the bore diameter which is 3/8th
200 refers to the stroke/amount the piston can extend which is 2 inches
S refers to if its a single acting, if its present its a single, if not its a double acting

The links I use to order pistons of VRC legal size. SMC almost never keeps any items in stock, you just have to order it and wait 4 weeks for them to make it and ship it to you.
Link for double acting-
Link for single acting-