Pneumatic Firing

Can pneumatics partially fire? Meaning fire but not all the way? Because if they can I think it would be cool to attempt a pneumatic lift.

No they can’t.

Here is an example of the best pneumatic lift built in VEX.

Most of the images are down so I would look here[%2Furl]

Hey that page is broken too… :thinking_face:

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Just grabbed a couple of the important pictures.

Do you know how heavy that was? 4 pneumatics tanks must be heavy.

I think it was probably around 20 pounds. He also had an 8 motor drive so don’t go feeling too bad for him.

Also here is video from original thread.

Honestly, this is one of the few robots that I will consider it as truly groundbreaking.
If I am not wrong, this is the first, all-pneumatic lift system.

PS… the rest in my list of robots that achieved groundbreaking status:

  • 1103 and 44 (Round-up)
  • 2W (Gateway) - the 1st wallbot
  • the NZ bots (Gateway) - the rising of 6-bar and side-rollers
  • 8059A (nbn)

(I am even tempted to include one of my 8059 gateway… the 1st dr4b :stuck_out_tongue: )