Pneumatic fitting SMC number

On some parts of our robot, there is not enough clearance to use a normal pnematic fitting. I noticed that in the new V5 pneumatic kits, there is an elbow fitting, which would work perfectly for our situation.
According to R7, we can use any fitting with a identical SMC number. I looked on the vex website and cant find any SMC numbers for the new pneumatic kit. Does anyone know what the SMC number for this elbow fitting is.

Unfortunately I believe that all parts in the new pneumatic kits are custom made for VEX and thus are not available from any third parties.


Would there be an equivalent that would work the same?

Unfortunately, no. The old kit did not contain any similarly low-profile right-angle fittings. The only right angle “fitting” included was the flow regulator, which still had metal parts of which which stick out far away from the cylinder.


I asked a Q&A on this earlier. Though there is a right angle fitting in the new kits, and there’s an existing similar right angle fitting SMC sells, it’s not legal for use with the pneumatic cylinders.

Surprisingly, the same 90 degree fitting, just a different size, is legal with use for the solenoids.

According to the Q&A, the 90 degree fittings for the cylinders provide too much of a benefit.