Pneumatic fittings?

So, I was messing around and and noticed the od of the pneumatic fitting was the same as the id of the valve, it fit snugly and screwed in. I was kinda surprised. But I tightened it with a wrench and pliers, and even more surprisingly it held pressure for the 15 minutes I let it sit. Do I use it on the bot or is it not worth something being deemed “wrong usage”. I haven’t seen anything in the manual about having to use fittings in certain places.

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there is nothing in the rules that tells you how you need to use the pneumatic components, as long as you aren’t modifying them or using them in any way that would be deemed a safety hazard (which this doesn’t look to be).

But are you sure this actually works? the valve here requires a pin to be pushed to let air through, is the fitting actually opening the valve when you screw it on?


Yeah, I was looking into that, and although the pin can move freely it restricts air flow way too much. I also question the longevity of it and wouldn’t want it to come apart during a match down the road. But on that note something like this should be fine then right?

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