Pneumatic Flipper Legality

What would be the ruling on a pnuematic flipper which Purpose is to flip over opposing robots in Endgame, as trapping is allowed in Endgame. This either could be out of pneumatics, or something else, but granted that it does not cause damage to the bots that it is flipping, would there be any ruling against it? As of now we have reached out to John Vex Head Ref, who said it depends, Zea who said it was illegal, and also a RECF representative who also said no. We would like to get as many opinions on this as possible.

It doesn’t really matter what we think. You already know if you go to a big-name competition you’ll get DQed out of your mind. So no, you can’t build this.


You might want to look a little closer at <G12>, specifically subsection d:

Your proposed mechanism sounds like it is a strategy aimed solely at the tipping over of opposing robots, which is specifically prohibited.


“Endgame will not be seen as a violation of G12”

The mechanism you are suggesting is quite possibly one of the best examples of a dangerous or intentionally damaging mechanism.


is it still considered damaging, if it simply flips the other bot over on its side, not causing ANY damage at all?

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For entanglement purposes only. A mechanism or strategy designed solely to tip over another bot is going to pull an immediate disqualification.


You’re forgetting the possibility that a tipped bot is going to cause field tile damage… Which will throw you into a DQ also

That’s very fair, thank you for your input

<G12> Don’t destroy other robots. …Strategies aimed solely at … tipping over or entanglement of opposing robots are … not allowed.

<G12a> … Solely defensive … strategies will not have the protections implied by <G12>

This is poorly worded, as the protections are not addressed until G12 b, c, and d.

<G12b> VRC Spin Up is also intended to be an interactive game. Some incidental tipping, Entanglement, and damage may occur as a part of normal gameplay without Violation. It will be up to the Head Referee’s discretion whether the interaction was incidental or intentional.

Incidental tipping and entanglement is allowed. Intentional is not. Literally designing a mechanism to do so would be intentional and would not be protected in this case.

<G12c> is not relevant to this question, and basically states that “If you can easily be tipped over and are easily tipped over, that is your fault”.

<G12d> During the Endgame, Robots should expect the possibility of vigorous interactions with
opponent Robots. Incidental damage that is caused by pushing, tipping, or Entangling during the
Endgame will not be considered a Violation of <G12>. Intentional damage or dangerous mechanisms may still be considered a Violation of <R4>, <S1>, or <G1> at the Head Referee’s discretion.

It says expect the possibility of vigorous interactions, and uses the phrase “incidental damage”.

So there we have it. Mechanisms designed to entangle other robots, or tip over other robots, are not allowed. You may not design mechanisms to “grab and hold (hooking or grabbing)” or “specifically flip” an opponent.

So wedges are legal while flippers are not. Covering an opponent to block endgame is legal but grabbing their chassis with an active grabber or claw and spinning them around so they aim out of the arena is not.