Pneumatic launcher for starstruck

We plan on doing a robot that can be both a launcher and a dumper. I was wondering how many pistons do you reckon you would need to use for a pneumatic catapult. Our intake is at an about 30-35 degree angle and we are firing backwards. How many pistons do you think it will take to launch a cube from about mid field.

Thank you in advanced and good luck this season!

It’s hard to say, because depending on the number of game objects it will take more pistons. But specifically for a cube I would say 2 at the least. It also would depend on your launch height. One of our sister teams made a proof of concept that would launch 3-4 stars from midfield into the far zone, but they also had an initial launch height of 3 or so feet. I hope that helps!

Perfect example.

I don’t see why you would need to launch cubes when you can dump them a certain way that they will roll to the far zone. But I recommend at least 3 pistons with 2 reservoirs if you are launching cubes.

Because the cubes aren’t guaranteed to act the same way over and over. Unless you are life hacking you won’t get the same orientation when dumping every time when dealing with cubes, which would cause the cube to roll to the far zone, role but not reach the far zone, or even land flat. With launching, you are basically guaranteed a far zone landing regardless of the orientation of the cube.

Yeah I know but even if you were to launch a cube a slip gear would be better.