Pneumatic not retracting

Hello, I am using a double valve piston for pneumatics. It pushes out normally but it doesn’t retract even when I turn the switch to the other side. I have all my wires connected and the switch is also working fine. I am not sure what the problem is

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Can you send a picture of your pneumatic setup?


Try loosening the flow limiter. (This thing)

I loosened the flow limiter and it only changed the speed of piston. I switched the position of the wires in the solenoid, and now, instead of pushing forward, the piston retracts. However, I want the piston to go forward and also retract.

Are you using the devices menu to test it?

No, i’m using the switch

So the switch only controls how much air is going to the solenoid (the part that controls which part of the piston air goes to). If you want to test it plug it into a brain then go into the device menu.

I am sorry for being such a noob, I’ve never used pneumatics :sweat_smile:. How do I test it using the device menu? Do I just press the circled button?

Yes, you would press that. Keep in mind that for some reason you will not always get a piston actuation from pressing it and you should press it repeatedly until it does.

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Nothing is happening… Is this a cable issue?

I would suggest locating the test button on the solenoid, it’s a small blue circle if I’m remembering correctly, take a screwdriver or something slim like that and carefully push and hold that button, does the pneumatic cylinder (what you refer to as the piston) change from retracted to extended (or vise-versa)?

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Yes it does, it changes from retracted to extended

Ok, do you have a different solenoid driver (the cable plugged into solenoid) you could test out? If so, test it

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I changed the solenoid driver and now it doesn’t work

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