Pneumatic Nozzle Extension

One of my team mates was looking over the Currahee robot video yesterday, and something caught his eye.

At 1:50, or during the Autonomous part, you can see where the pneumatic tank connects to the pump; it’s one of the things sticking out the back, second from the left.

At 0:35, or during the Drive Train part, you can see the tanks at the bottom of the robot. The tank between the middle wheels obviously has no nozzle attached to it. The tank between the back wheels, however, also does not have a nozzle attached to it (it has the tube fittings attached to both sides, if it’s hard to see follow the tube that connects the two tanks on the right from the perspective of the camera).

That brings up the question of how the nozzle is attached to the tank. It seems that there would be some sort of adapter/extension that would allow the nozzle to be moved away from the tank. I would assume it to have a tube fitting on one side and a nozzle on the other.

My questions would be:

  1. Is this legal? I looked through the VEX Manual and it seems that there is nothing allowing or disallowing this, so I would interpret it to be illegal.
  2. If it is legal, where can I get one? I could really use something like this :wink:

Yeah a seperate fill valve exists. It is the one with the red fittings seen here -

You can buy one from smc if you don’t want to get an entire kit for just that part.

It is the older tire pump fitting. SMC replaced it with the current one that screws directly into the tank about two years ago, if I am not mistaken. The SMC part number is US3729. Here is a link to buy the old fitting:

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