Pneumatic nuts

The nuts used to fasten the end of a pneumatic cylinder are not a consistent size to normal nuts or standoffs. We have found this most annoying as none of our wrenches would fit the pneumatic nuts. I would like to see pneumatic nuts that fit standard wrenches.

You’re asking VEX to redesign the pneumatics they sell or switch to pre-existing pneumatics that use 8-32 screws. That would be a significant change for a problem that could be fixed with a monkey wrench or some pliers (and paper).

I do agree it would be convenient if the nuts were 8-32, but it seems like the costs outweigh the benefits.

Perhaps the screw size coud remain the same, but with a wider nut that could fit onto any previously sold cylinder and fit the

Screw thread sizes generally come with just one size of head head, but it may be possible.