Pneumatic pistons starting closed

Hi, my team is going through our first year with pneumatics and we have a couple of questions. Whenever I start a program, all of the pistons open. This makes us out of the 18’’ limit. Is there a way to start the program with the pistons closed?

are you using v5 blocks? if so, try setting digital out or whatever you named it to to low under the when started block. for example,
Screenshot 2023-11-01 8.46.13 PM
remember that it will show up as whatever you named it to, so it won’t necesarily show up as digital out A.

If you are using double acting cylinders then you could swap the output ports on the solenoids so that the power which is by default charged with air moves your cylinders to the desired position.

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The easiest thing to do is to switch the hoses on all of your air cylinders, so when the system is pressurized at startup, all the air cylinders are forced to the retracted position.