Pneumatic Pnewbie

Hey there, we got some pneumatics this year and are trying to work with them. They are working kind of in reverse. For example, it starts with the cylinder out. When I push the blue
button, the cylinder quickly retracts. When I push the button again it sloooowly expands.

Can you please check that I have this connected correctly? We want it to pop OUT quickly
Untitled drawing.pdf (32.0 KB)

Thank you!!


To change the initial direction of the air cylinder, switch the tubes going to the cylinder. You have installed an exhaust flow regulator on the head end of the air cylinder. There is a small adjusting screw on the flow regulator: turn this screw to slow it down more, or turn the other way to speed things up. Most teams purchase additional straight fittings from an aftermarket supplier like and don’t use any speed controls at all.

And Kudos for using the proper term “air cylinder” rather than calling it a piston like your uninformed colleagues often do! :slight_smile:



That did it!! Thank you to both of you for the information (the photo most definitely helped!!)