Pneumatic Pressure Regulator Parts

Hi, I am trying to buy pneumatic parts off of SMC and have found everything but the Pressure Regulator. I have found the actual body of the Pressure Regulator (, but I cannot find the 90 degree fitting that goes on the end. If anyone happens to know the part number for it or knows where I can find it, that would be great!

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Is it this part you need?

No, the fitting in the picture on the left.

I believe the pressure regulator has been discontinued a fairly long time ago…

Probably your best shot (you would have to contact them)

You could also check eBay every once in a while or ask close teams if they have a spare

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does anyone know if VEX has a part that is being sent out replacing the 90 degree fitting since it is discontinued supposedly?

We have recently gotten kits and they have the pressure regulator with the 90 degree fitting

We were ordering straight from SMC and the part didnt come with the regulator. We have since found the part number.
The part number is M-5L


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