Pneumatic Reservoir Dilemma


I have been trying to purchase double-acting pneumatics for my team, but all the kits are either backordered or completely out of stock. After doing some research, I’ve found that the original source of VEX pneumatics, SMC, has discontinued the air reservoirs that come in the kits. However, these reservoirs are currently the only legal option for VRC.

How soon will a new reservoir will be made legal for VRC? And is this what is holding back the supply of double-acting pneumatics kits?

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I actually had the same question. I’m hoping VEX will release new pneumatics soon.

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Long story short: SMC makes the reservoir from standard air cylinder parts: it is actually just a regular pneumatic cylinder with a cap on each end, so it is always “discontinued” because they were made as a special order. They actually find use as small surge tanks in industrial applications, and you can find one here: US14227-S0400 by SMC - Buy or Repair at Radwell -

Other individual parts are usually available from robotmesh: Pneumatics - VEX V5/EDR, and since these are not VEX parts specifically, they will sell to anyone. Unfortunately, they are also out of stock, so no help there.

The larger problem for VEX is probably the miniature regulator, as that part has actually been discontinued several years ago and a replacement will need to be sourced. The fact that the regulator has been discontinued so long tells us that VEX has been shipping from their stock for years…now they will need to re-source the complete kits, which will probably take more than “ships in 8 weeks”…


Breaking news!
Teams can now use pneumatics with no motor penalty.

Oh wait - out of stock though.

Amazing coordination between gdc and vex…


Welcome to the real world of supply chain management, logistics, and project planning kids. Perhaps that what “WorkCell” will prepare teams for…


Now I’m real glad I bought a second pneumatics kit immediately after the game reveal…

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And I’m really sad I didn’t

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Luckily, alternate resellers are in stock!

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But I still want V5 pneumatics.

Game Plan

Hack the VEX site to show that the pneumatics are out of stock, and then they will have to make V5 pneumatics. We will also leek the 2023 Water Game: $&@$-!

Edit: The forum apparently has a software that blocks the name😐


idesign doesn’t actually have the kit in stock, it’s backordered
i’m pretty sure they just dropship from vex

“Leek” the water game??? Sure thing!


I did not get Rick rolled thanks to an ad and my phone being slow

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We are now out of stock of reservoirs. Radwell shows out of stock in the US, 2 left in UK.

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Plz get better at rickrolling, its so obvious

The only being who is good at rickrolling is @Illyana

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same! I was on the fence about getting another set but am glad we did now seeing they are all gone.

I am so sorry that you cannot get the pneumatics.

I guess, the silver lining is that it will force you to think outside of the box and look for clever workarounds.

Just don’t fall a victim to con artists who will try to sell you an air tank signed by DRow at an exuberant markups.