Pneumatic Reservoir Question

When it comes to filling up two connected pneumatic reservoirs, so I fill it up to 200psi rather than 100psi? How does it typically work. Mind you I am only filling up one tank, which is connected to another with some tubing.


You would only fill it up to 100 psi. Psi is not a measure of the amount of air but the pressure which is roughly the amount of air/the area for the air. Also, vex rules say you can only fill up your pneumatic air system to a max of 100 psi and 2 tanks would not change that.


Is there some kind of rule stating that you have to connect the two reserviors? At that point, you might as well have 2 separate pneumatic systems, that way, you have 100psi / reservior instead of 100psi / 2 reserviors.

Two separate systems is completely legal, and often used when a team is worried about a leak or something failing on one system. The downside is that you will have to pump them individually, but it the end it’s probably worth it. If you really wanted, you could probably create something that connects them together just for the pressurization process, then gets disconnected or switched off. In the end though, it’s often simpler to have a single system with switches or more solenoids.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. In the end this works out to the same air volume and pressure in your system.


This isn’t how a pneumatic system works. The amount of energy stored in the pneumatic system is equal to the volume of the system multiplied by the pressure of the air. Volume is restricted to 2 air tanks, and pressure is restricted to 100 psi across the system. So regardless of how you connect the tanks, you can never get more than 2 tanks with 100 psi of air, which is the maximum amount of energy available (ignoring the air in the other pneumatic components, which you are not allowed to use solely to store additional air.)


Ah, I see. Well— It just so happens that despite being the head engineer on the team, someone else manages the pneumatics, so I didn’t know that before! But oh well. Guess I learnt something today