Pneumatic rules

Our team recently acquired pneumatics. However our robot does not fit in the 18’ box unless it is filled with air. Can we do our inspection with our piston having air in? Or does everything have to be depressurised? I can’t find anything in the rules!

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Please keep in mind that the game manual only tells you what you can’t do. If there are no rules disallowing it, it is legal.


You are allowed to have your robot in disabled mode but powered on during inspection.
So yes, you can, as long as you set your pistons to true when the robot is in disabled mode (this can be done in the pre_auton section iirc)


So, I had this problem occur to me a couple weeks back. I had a pneumatic claw which was out of size during the start of a match.
To solve this, I coded it so that the piston would begin the match or go into inspection extended, which would keep my robot in size.
So yes, you can start the robot with air.