Pneumatic safety

My team is getting pneumatics this year and I was wondering how exposed we should have the reservoir. Would it be fine if its just an inch away from the front with nothing covering it, or would that lead to to it being damaged?

I have never heard of a pneumatic tank rupturing mid match and causing any damage.

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The V5 tank itself is pretty sturdy, I don’t see it even getting a dent during a match. However the fittings are M5 thread fittings. A good hit to the fittings could break them off. So some thought should be done to make sure the fittings are not exposed.

BTW: IQ air tank is a different story. It’s much thinner metal (kinda like what you would see with an aresol can)


Don’t know if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but on this link:,Always%20wear%20eye%20protection%20such%20as%20safety%20glasses%20when%3A,%2C%20rubber%20tubing)%20are%20energized. , under the “Pressure” section (all the way at the bottom of the link), you can find rules regarding pressure and pneumatics.

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Okay so I know I typed “rules”, but they’re not really rules. More like tips. Sorry, I typed that in a rush.

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