Pneumatic solenoid releasing air

Hello, for my teams robot we are testing out an pneumatic system. Every time we push the air to the top of our cylinder the solenoid releases air out of two tiny holes. Is there any way to stop this so we have a closed system with no air coming out?

It sounds like it’s doing what it is supposed to do: the tiny holes are the exhaust ports, and must be open for the air cylinder to move. (if this were a hydraulic system, there would be a hose to return the hydraulic fluid). You may find the attached document helpful for more information about pneumatics.
pneumatics information.pdf (313 KB)

Are you using single or double acting valves. Single acting valves have a safety feature that vents air if it goes over 110 ish PSI. The recommended maximum pressure for all vex pneumatics is 100psi.

I am using a dual action solenoid. We are also pressurizing the system to around 100 psi.