Pneumatic Test Video

Here is a link to team 1200 Syntax Error’s recent experiment:

We did this back in December and decided not to do much more with it. We are not sure yet whether we will use it or not for anything. Let me know what you think.

I love the idea of tilting the robot in order to hang, and I only wish we could add pneumatics to our robot to do this, as we were having many troubles trying to get our robot to High-Hang.


This was the original intent of these pneumatics, but since we get 4in of motion from them, we decided there was a lot more that could be done with them… :smiley:

Most good high-hangers I’ve seen use pneumatics like this to help them high hang. It all depends on your lift mechanism.


other than team 1103 which teams have been using pneumatics for climbing? do you have any videos of this?

Not I don’t, but that was the main one I was thinking of. There’s one more but You’ll have to wait till they tell you.


Is the one that I’ll have to wait for 3018 by chance?