pneumatic tubing length limitation

Today we got 100’ of 5/32" pneumatic tubing. I was wondering if scince the longest piece vex sells is 5’, whether we are limited to use 5’ segments. thanks in advance!

This isn’t the place for an official response, but I asked the same question a few months ago and it was legal. I’m not going to track down the thread, but its out there if you’d like to be sure.

For future reference, official answers come from the Skyrise Q&A.:smiley:
took about 10 seconds.

If you click a forum members name and then statistics you can see all the threads they created. The thread in question was the third or fourth on your list.

I anticipated this. I figured I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary to limit the answers to official answers. I’m kind of tired of seeing someone post an official question and then have someone else make another thread just to give a unofficial answer. In this case you where able to help me instead of bothering Karthik.

Thanks for helping me. I appreciate it.:slight_smile:

I don’t want to speak on his behalf, but if I was Karthik, I’d much rather a team ask me a question than get unofficial and design-affecting answers from the community at large.


I first tried to find out if It was already answered. when I could not find anything, I ran it by those on the forum to see if this question has been answered already; and hence this thread. I just wanted to avoid bothering Karthik unnecessarily as I’m sure he is quite busy. It must be annoying for him to answer the same question more than once.

I appreciate your concern for myself and others, getting accurate information.
Thank you.

Just curious: where are the best deals for this sort of tubing at that sort of length?

It seemed as if that is the length that most retailers sold it at. With 50’ being the close second with a not as good deal. I got the tubing at Grainger as we needed to get the tubing within a couple of days and couldn’t wait the week that shipping would involve. They where the only ones that had the right type of tubing. If you guys know of someone who sells it for a better deal, feel free to share.