Pneumatics abilities

Currently, our team is working on a robot for the upcoming VEX Starstruck competition. Our design incorporates a pneumatic system in order to launch the stars and cubes over the fence. As it is our first time using pneumatics, we don’t know if a single reservoir will last us an entire match or if it is necessary for us to also purchase the another reservoir. Based on your experience, what kits and accessories would we need to buy in order to give us the best opportunity for success? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I would seriously recommend a second reservoir. It’s definitely worth it.

Having two tanks is a must. Without the extra capacity it is highly unlikely that you would be able to make it through a match. My team began using a pneumatic claw and can get about 30 close cycles, the open is passive not using air, on two tanks of air while maintaining the pressure needed to carry game pieces. One tank just simply isn’t enough.

I doubt if two tanks would be sufficient “to launch” game pieces for the entire match. Each reservoir has +/- 40-45 working strokes from 100-25 psi. But it will take a lot of air for launching as opposed to opening and closing a claw.

Ummmmm… I use 1 tank and it works just fine for 2 matches without refilling if you do it right.
The system just has to be optimized in order to utilize the linear action in the most effective way.

I think this depends on how pneumatic reliant your design is. If you plan on having something that is raw pneumatic power for launching similar to how robots did for toss up then 2 tanks would be better but if your design is made so that you have a spatula/fork that raises to dump backwards and the piston just adds a little flick to help the star make it to the far zone then you should be ok with just 1 tank.

If what I said about the flicking with pneumatics does not sound clear here is a video to help illustrate. Notice how the robot gets the star to the fence with the arm and the pneumatics really just adds an extra push at the right time to help the star make it to the far. I know the video shows the robot with 2 air reservoirs but the point is that this type of design does not 100% rely on the pneumatics but merely uses it to help get that extra push to the far zone and for that reason could do ok with just 1 tank. :