Pneumatics air requirement question????

Ok i am going to buy the vex pneumatics kit tomorrow but i need to know if the kit can be run off of a 12v tire inflater.

I plan on building a pneumatic engine on a robot but the air tank that vex provides wont cut it, 45 strokes is gona go like 10 ft and then stop not to mention the air pressure drop will create less and less power.

So i was thinking that i could have an on board 12v inflater powered by 8 D size rechargeable battery’s that would constantly provide air to the pneumatics air tank to try and replenish the air the the pneumatics use so that it could run for 5 or 10 minutes until the battery’s die on the inflater.

Will this cut the needs of the pneumatics, or will i need a compressor.

I just had a bad encounter with this compressor i bought a few days ago and i just returned it, it was a husky 6 gal pancake compressor and that peice of junk took 5 minutes to get to 135 psi and then a simple cut off tool could drain that air it 10 seconds. So if i need a compressor i will have to go hunting for a small cheap compressor.

Can anyone answer this question, i really need to know its important.

hmm…im guessing it can, it has a fitting for a standard pump so im guessing it could

u just want to make sure your pressure gets to high in the tank