Pneumatics aren’t working

My pneumatics aren’t pressurized at all. I put 120 psi in but nothing is happening. I am hearing the clicker in the switch but there is no pressure.

What do you mean by pressure? You need to connect the tubing and solenoids and all the valves and pistons and whatnot before anything will happen


It’s hard to know what’s up with your system. Please take a look at the manual that came with your pneumatics system (, and the document I’ve attached, which explains more about pneumatic systems. If you’re hearing the solenoid valve shift (“the clicker on the switch”) then the electronics might be correct. Perhaps the regulator is turned all the way down, or tubing isn’t connected properly.pneumatics information.pdf (312.6 KB)


That’s what I’ve done. Everything is plugged in but it is not going into the cylinders

Have you checked the gaskets? Are there any leaks?
Maybe it’s your code that’s not working?
I’m not an expert so I’m just tryna guess:)

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No leaks from what I can hear. I’ve pumped it to 160 psi and everything is quiet. The code seems fine. This is what I have:

if(Controller1.ButtonR1.pressing()) {;;
else if (Controller1.ButtonR2.pressing())

>extern pneumatics LPnu;

extern pneumatics RPnu;

pneumatics LPnu = pneumatics( Brain.ThreeWirePort.A );
pneumatics RPnu = pneumatics( Brain.ThreeWirePort.H );

Thank you, I will take a look

Hard to remember the last time Ive used pneumatics, but I believe this happens when you get orientation or the port incorrect on the solenoids

The solenoids are the motorized switch that manipulates the airflow. Make sure that the reservoir connects to the “P” of the solenoid and the “B” and “A” ports are connected to the cylinder.
If you’re using single acting, use this image for reference:

To add on, make sure that your pressure regulator allows airflow as it can restrict airflow as well.


Would I want the ressure regulator all the way down. I read that increases the force of the cylinders

I havent touched VEX Pneumatics in over 4 years, so you may need to figure that out on your own. But if necessary, for the sake of testing remove the regulator and see if it works without it.

I have taken off the pressure regulator and the cylinders are half working. When they are retracting they are exremely fast. but when I press them to go out, they are really slow. Any ideas would be useful. thank you for the input so far.

You have used exhaust flow control valves on the cylinders (which were provided from the pneumatics kit). On those valves, you’ll find a little adjustment screw, which adjusts how fast the cylinder moves in that direction. Loosen the screw, and they will get full flow. Probably best to replace the exhaust flow control valves with normal fittings (you can buy just the fittings from