Pneumatics availability?

So, I think I’m a bit out of the loop. I’m rebooting our VRC program next year and I was pretty surprised that the pneumatics are still not in stock. Does anyone know what’s going on? Has it been over a year at this point?

I’m trying to budget for next year and I’m curious if I should bother including this on my wish list.



smc pneumatics has vex legal parts you can get, the part numbers have to match the ones vex sells. This has some links to the parts. Pneumatics - BLRS Wiki


Got it. So I’ll need to buy the driver from VEX, which is available from VEX. Then I just buy everything else off site? So I can still purchase a complete kit?

everything but the cable can be bought from smc

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You’ll have to “build the kit” yourself, by ordering individual parts. Be sure to get all the fittings you need, and I’d suggest substituting additional male fittings on the air cylinders in place of getting exhaust flow controls (rarely is speed control needed on a vex bot), and you may as well get a pair of air tanks for each kit. If SMC runs out, and Motion Industries are other sources for SMC components. Also, especially important is to double check the coil voltage of the solenoids before you purchase…be sure they are 5VDC coils. Industrially, 24 volt coils are most common.


I got this response back today. I think I’ll hold out for the next month and see what happens.


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