Pneumatics Dilemma

We need a double action cylinder kit but it is backordered and unavailable.

  1. If we buy double acting cylinder “add-on” kit and pneumatics kit for single acting cylinders, will this combo be comparable to the double acting kit?
  2. By comparing the kits, it seems we have most of the right parts, EXCEPT the “on/off switch – finger valve” – WHERE can we can get this part? Does anyone have an extra???
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A quick note, only the kit has an air tank. The add on does not, so if you need one of those you’re out of luck.

The on off switch is not necessary for using pneumatics

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If you buy a complete single acting cylinder kit, plus a double acting add-on kit, you will have a working system with two single acting cylinders and one double acting cylinder.

You can check or for the availability of the on-off valve, and most any other part, but as others have said, the on-off valve is not essential.

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The on-off valve is not needed, but you can buy it directly from SMC: SMC VHK3-04F-04F finger valve, VHK2 FINGER VALVE*** (

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Thanks everyone! This is helpful. I’m glad we can buy that part separately if needed - is that allowed though for VRC?
As for the on/off valve - does it just let us isolate the line between the tank and cylinder?

Thanks again!

Please read R-8 in the game manual and tell us what you find out…

Yes. It allows you to de-pressurize the rest of the pneumatic circuit without bleeding all the air out of the reservoir. So, completely optional if you don’t mind pumping up your air tank (which goes pretty fast if you have a battery powered pump, like this one

Thankfully I can read!

R8 - Certain non-VEX components are allowed. Robots are allowed the following additional “nonVEX” components:

i. Pneumatic components with identical SMC manufacturer part numbers to those listed on the VEX

Found the same part for the On/Off Valve: Catalog | Finger Valve - VHK Series (SMC) | SMC | MISUMI

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