Pneumatics Equivalent Parts?

Hello all,
I have a minor issue with my pneumatics system. I do not currently have a pneumatics regulator to use, (one of our other teams has it and can’t give it up) and I need to get one for states in 2 weeks. I cannot afford to buy a brand new system because I only need 1 part from it. I found an equivalent regulator direct from SMC and a M5 to 4mm tube adapter would it be against the rules to use these parts?
Note, This was posted in the official section too, Looking to see some opinions on the topic.

You don’t need a regulator, or you can purchase one separate at

It should be legal to use a part directly from SMC, so long as it is the same model as the part vex sells.

Thanks for your comment! For most applications, We wouldn’t need one. However, Using the pneumatics without one drains the tank too fast for the claw design we have come up with. It uses somewhere in the ballpark of 4psi per actuation (Probably less on 2 tanks), which then gets directly vented to the atmosphere because its impossible to reuse. The idea here is to minimize that lost air pressure . The robot mesh parts are insanely expensive ($40) (the equivalent new part costs about $20 direct from smc)

Unfortunately, the regulator part has been discontinued since 2014 by SMC. They currently carry what should be a near equivalent part but I’m unsure if it is legal to use. Our team is unwilling to take the risk at states to find out the legality of such a part.

Thank you both for your time and help.

I well imagine you’re going to be told that it has to be identical, and that a near identical part is still not acceptable. Only after VEX evaluates and selects a new part and begins shipping it will that new substitute part be useable.

A better bet would be to ask to borrow one.

Where are you?

We’re out in Maine. Team 56E. I’ll check into borrowing one from a local team or getting one ordered from robot mesh if the vex staff return with a no-go on the near identical part. A vex rep said on the forums in 2014 that they were evaluating replacement parts, however the regulator part was never included in this update. As an aside I may have misconstrued the issue slightly. The regulator part is functionally identical from the vex one with a slightly different connector arrangement.
Thanks for the advice!