Pneumatics For Sale

If you are considering using pneumatics on your robot this year, I have a deal for you …

A team that I worked with last season has some left over parts that we would like to sell. This package will give you everything you need to add pneumatics to your robot:

1 Full Single Acting Pneumatics Kit
Everything in the kit is BRAND NEW in original packaging, except for the air tank. $180
The tank already has the schrader value and fitting installed

1 Extra air tank - with 2 fittings installed $24.50
Purchased through PLC:

2 packages of 5’ of pneumatic tubing $10

1 piece of 10’ of pneumatic tubing (Vex legal)
Purchased from local distributor $10

1 (4-pack) of 36” 3-Wire extension cables $8

Total cost from VexRobotics Store: $232.50

Your price: $200.00 (plus exact cost of shipping)

Also, if you are interested, I have a ‘Topeak Joe Blow Sport II’ air pump - only used for testing. In like new condition. Here is a link:

Another team I worked with used one of these pumps throughout the Toss Up season and found it to be perfect for Vex Robotics pneumatics - great seal on the schrader valve.

Cost at Amazon: $50.

If you would like to purchase it with the other pneumatics above, I’ll add it in for $40, for a total cost of $240 (plus exact cost of shipping).

Please contact me off list at Irv (at) furrypants (dot) com

I will update this thread when these items sell.


No offense, but you’re asking quite a bit for these components. Your mark down on it is only 14% off, and you could buy all of the items listed at your $200 price for much less brand new from other retailers (SMC basically).

You’re not exactly offering a huge deal to anyone with that price.

Might want to re-think that asking price, just my 2 cents though.


I have decided to lower the price on the above packages.

For the pneumatics kit plus

  • extra air tank
  • extra tubing
  • 3-wire extension cables

(Value of $232.50)

Now available for $180 (the same price as just the pneumatics kit from VEX).

I will still offer to add in the pump for an additional $40

(Plus exact cost of shipping)

Please contact me at: Irv (at) furrypants (dot) com

Irv Kalb