Pneumatics help with

hey we are planning on adding pneumatics but we don’t know how they work and were to put them .
This is are robot,

What do you want the pneumatics to do?

Why do you need them?

I suggest you read this article once you understand what you want them to do.


The first question you should consider when designing your robot is “Why?”. The mechanisms that you include in your robot should have a functional purpose in mind. Why do you need pneumatics on the robot? What do you need these pneumatics for?

After you consider “Why,” you can then consider the “How” behind using pneumatics. there are a lot of resources on how pneumatics work, ranging from VEX Library Articles to videos and more.

The critical part of designing any product is not how it does something but the purpose behind your robot. The technical aspects of building and implementing your vision can be learned and developed with dedication and research, but knowing where to go is very difficult without a clear destination.

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Thank you for your help

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