Pneumatics... HELP!

Our team is trying to use pneumatics but we don’t know how to use them…
Can someone explain me how to attach stuff, like it will be great if I can get a picture of the assembly.

Can I also get help on programming for pneumatics…

Thank You :slight_smile:

You have to cut the pneumatic hose (included in the kit) to whatever length you need to attach the components together. Be sure to cut it flat and straight otherwise your system will leak.

You can use these two pictures to assemble your system (depending on which of the two kits you own).

Kit #1

Kit #2

After assembly you will have to use an air pump to charge your system to 100 psi.

Programming is pretty easy. Hook the solenoid wires up to digital outputs on your controller. The actual coding will depend on what software you are using but changing the state of those digital outputs (in your code) will control the pistons.

Hope it goes well.

Thank you so much, it really helped.
everything works now :slight_smile: