Pneumatics Help ???

For next year my team is planning on implementing a transmission which requires our use of pneumatics which we don’t have experience with, can anyone help us with programming our pneumatic system?:confused:

A double-acting pneumatic solenoid/piston is programmed as a Digital Out sensor. Plug your pneumatic solenoid into a digital sensor port. Then go into RobotC (or EasyC). In the Motors and Sensors setup under Robot, designate that digital port as a Digital Out and give it a name (like Piston1). Then, you can do this:

If the piston = 1, then it is pushing out.

If the piston = 0, then it is pulling inward.

To control your pneumatics, use a button on your controller.

This is all pseudo-code from memory, but basically this will cause your piston to push out if you press button 5U, and then pull in if you press button 5D.

I wrote a pretty similar code to this a few days back but I wasn’t sure if what I had written was accurate, Thanks for the clarification!:slight_smile: