Pneumatics Help

So for the nothing but net challenge our team has our robot designed with all ten motors except for the lift, meaning that our lift has to be pneumatic. However, we only started last year and I know near to nothing about pneumatics. I went to the vex website’s store to get an idea of how i works, but it didn’t help me all that much. Can someone please explain to me the Pneumatics Kit 1 - Single Acting Cylinders,
Pneumatics Kit 1A - Single Acting Cylinder Add-On,
Pneumatics Kit 2 - Double Acting Cylinders and the Pneumatics Kit 2A - Double Acting Cylinder Add-On? Any help wold be appreciated.

Have you looked at this:

The first link should help you with setting up the pneumatics so you can program it, etc…

The video should help explain it better. There is a better video but I need to find it, so whenever I do I’ll edit this post and put it in. Hopefully this will help you!