Pneumatics in Sack Attack

Our team has a pneumatics kit burning a hole in our pocket, and we were wondering, how is everyone else using pneumatics this year? Last year we used it as a wheelie bar/battering ram and this year we’re thinking about using it to descore the high goals. Any other ideas?

We are using our pnuematics to actuate our “flipper.” It works quite nicely, as there are only two settings (up and down). It’s also powerful enough that we can descore (via methods that are obvious, but kind of hard to explain). You can check out some footage of an early model of it here (it’s much faster, slightly different, but you should get the idea)

(If we had pneumatics) we would use them.

We decided that if we had them, we would have our intake flip UP so the objects would all slide out. Or maybe our intake angles steeper or something…

You can always use em’ :slight_smile:

Our team uses pneumatics for our brake. For holding down and releasing our scoring bucket. And for our drive.

Pneumatics can allow you to make the most out of your motors. VEX robots, in general, become better the more consolidated the power applications are, everyone wishes that they could have a 10 motor drivetrain/arm/intake – the use of pneumatics can help assist your team in moving closer to having this. With a single pneumatic cylinder you could shift gears or outputs, actuate a claw, etc. With a couple of cylinders (think 4-6) you can lift an arm + a great number of sacks. All of these are really just ways of consolidating your motors into the drivetrain and/or intake which in turn improves your robot’s competitiveness on the field.

Although we don’t do this, I could imagine a pneumatic spatula that flips driver loads into the high goal.