Pneumatics in Sketchup?

I was wondering if someone could make a pneumatic cylinder in Google Sketch Up. I know their is a lot of Vex Parts already in Sketch Up, and a pneumatic cylinder would be a great addition!

Why don’t you download Autodesk Inventor from here:

and just simply download the CAD from the VEX wiki?

my school issues out laptops, and i have a spare right now, and the IT people are working on my laptop right now, so i just downloaded google sketchup because it is a smaller, and easier program. i was just planning on having this laptop temporarily so, i just figured, since this program is easier to work with, ill prototype it in sketchup, then work in inventor once i am done with sketchup and i get my laptop back

I haven’t worked to much with sketch up, what file types do they use. I can try to get you a file for sketch up of the pneumatics but my computer is currently getting fixed, so it might be a week if I can’t find a computer with inventor on it…

They use a Google SketchUp Model (.skp). But ya, thatd be nice if their was some way to transfer inventor to sketchup files. Where did you learn to use inventor? the vex curriculum?

Actually I learned Inventor very quickly, I wanted to CAD our 2008-2009 FTC bot for FTC Faceoff. So what I did is one day during the Lunacy build season asked one of the mentors I was working with to teach me how to CAD the FTC bot. We sat down for about 10 minutes and he showed me the basic constraining systems and how to put together an assembly. When we got to a part we had to either fabricate or modify, he showed me how to do so when I finally hit those parts. Ever since he taught me that one night 2 years ago now I have learned quite a bit from just experimenting with the program setting goals of a final product and working my way to it, and also getting taught from engineers from places like Disney and Lockheed Martin.

Now I CAD for my FRC team, I teach CAD for our FTC team, and now CAD for our VEX team, and I have even done CAD at engineering firms here in FL. A lot has come from me from just those 10 minutes of being taught how to put two objects together. And I basically have taught the program to myself entirely besides the bit of help I have gotten along the way.

So when you get your computer back, I’d highly recommend downloading Inventor first thing and playing around with it for a bit until your comfortable with it.

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i think theres a program that converts STEP files into spk files
i tried that when i first started using google sketchup but the convert program is only a “trial” and you can only “convert” 10 files

try googleing it or something

I used to use this, once 10 goes has run out, you can just apply for another licence… and mrs_mac (whoever you may be), thankyou for doing all the hard work for us and putting lots of stuff in the warehouse :slight_smile:

Ok guys, i will searh for that program!

For andrewremmers:
Oohh, cool! So how do u put two objects toether? I never found out, i imported the wheel and axl and i couldnt figure out how to simply put them together. I will definately start using inventor though, it has a lot better graphics than sketchup, even though it is more complicated.

Haha no i am not, i only assemble rObots

In Inventor the constrain tools are very nicely organized, same with Solidworks… but Solidworks is a little harder to come by free I have found.

All you have to use is 4 basic constraints and you can do quite a bit of 3D modeling. Mate,Insert,Angle, and Tangent. All you have to do is find the constraints button on the top ribbon and on you go to CADing your own stuff.

I am thinking about making a CAD Library of the VEX parts with materials and such assigned for a somewhat accurate weight analysis, simulations and other fun things in CAD, however that is a somewhat daunting task from the amount of parts there are. But if I do this I will make it public on the forum available for download from out website probably (I hope Cody doesn’t kill me)

Correct me if I’m wrong- Autodesk CAD is only available for first affiliated teams, not vex teams. Also I think you have to be in college to use it.

Autodesk CAD is available to all students for free I believe. My school has a program through them that lets us get it with our school email address, but I’m sure that if you just sent them an email asking for a copy and explaining that you wanted to use it for robotics, they would give you one. I’m also fairly certain that at worlds that they were giving out free trials on DVDs, but that might have just been easyC.

Autodesk Inventor is free for all students, i downloaded it before, but i now use sketchup, and will return to inventor. how do u import parts for inventor?

This is true, however they do have a school email system for the student community for anyone who wants to get a school email address.

College however it is not just a college thing, I know of kids here in FL that have High School email addresses that have access to everything autodesk provides

So if you are interested I would talk to your guidance counselor at school and see what he/she could do to help you get access to this program, it helps design A TON!!! Also looks impressive on a resume if you have mastered it young as well! :smiley:

It seems to me now that you no longer need a school email address. I just made an account with the Autodesk student community without the FIRST page, and it simply asks for your school. So if you have a computer that can run Inventor, I highly recommend downloading it you will NOT regret it!

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Simply create a new Assembly (File > New > Assembly) and use the Import button in the “Model” Ribbon.


I think he was referring from inventor to sketch up. And currently I don’t have a computer to check if it can export to sketch up…

Well… the thing is is that I’m homeschooled. does it count if I sign up using my moms email and info because she teaches high school at home :smiley:

I think that should be find, but I would check if they have homeschooling options but if not that should work fine.

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