Pneumatics kit 1

can someone plz help me assemble my pneumatic by sending me a diagram or something for pneumatic kit 1 :confused:

Let me link you back to one of your own threads. My teammate left you a picture that is about as good as it gets.

thanks ryan ill try workin of that i thought there was probably a better picture out there

There is one thing I think I should add on to here, since you’re using the Pneumatics Kit 1, with single acting cylinders, the diagram shown is for Pneumatics Kit 2, with dual-acting cylinders. There is not currently a diagram available for Pneumatics Kit 1, as the two setups are close to identical. You should notice a difference in the solenoids and the cylinders. The solenoids should still only have one fitting coming in and one fitting leaving (as opposed to 2). The single-acting cylinders also only have one fitting instead of two. The outgoing fitting goes straight into the fitting on the cylinder. Everything else works the same way.

Also, I can offer you two different pictures. The first one is identical to what Team 1492 offered you, but has the text annotated slightly differently. The second one is a diagram of Pneumatics Kit 1, but has no annotation.

Finally, try checking out the Instruction Sheet for the kit. It’s unfortunately for the dual acting cylinders, but it does a nice job of explaining all the parts, and some of the math. It takes you step by step on setup.

thanks edjubuh the second pic really help continue the great work by helping more people :slight_smile: