Pneumatics Kit Help

We are planning, actually more thinking, about getting a Pneumatics Kit (the Pneumatics Kit 2 - Double Acting Cylinders). but before we do i would like to know anyone’s opinion on them (pro’s and con’s) and helpful hints. or if you have a sample code for them, just something that makes it work.

Pros-powerful, easy linear motion
Cons-heavy bulky tank, have to fill up with air, doesn’t last as long as motors, adds complication

Be aware that pneumatics will only last for ~30 firings before it needs to be refilled if you’re using one tank. It’s great for things that need to be more “explosive” and that you need to do more than once, so you can’t use elastic. The long cylinders are also easier to fit in tight spaces.

Programming pneumatics is simple, because it’s a binary system-on or off.
I believe RobotC has demos for this, but for both Robotc and EasyC you just need to use a digital output statement to push a high or low signal to the digital IO port on the cortex where the solenoid is attached.

OK thanks a lot, i don’t know a lot about programming so my teams programer would have to read this, i just wanted to find a little out for him, but if you say there is a sample code on RobotC that will be great.

Pneumatics are good for some uses but not others. Our team tried using them to help raise our scissor-lift mechanism, but they do very little for it. What are you planning on using them for?

I’d like to answer this but our team would like to keep it a secret for as long as possible, sorry. :o

Another question about the Pneumatics kit, the amount of tubing is that your preference or is it a set length between the cylinders, solenoids, and reservoir. Also about the cylinders, solenoids, and reservoir how do you attach them to your bot i see that the cylinders have fittings you attach to them but what about the reservoir and solenoids, do they also have fittings you attach or are they built in.

I also use the Pneumatic kit 2, and it is amazing for my robot. Without it my robot wouldn’t be so unique!

You cut the tubing to the desired length. Remember if you have a long run of tubing from the solenoid valve to the piston, you’ll use extra air filling the tubing every time you actuate the valve.

so if i have the solenoid valve close to the piston, but the solenoid valve far from the tank will that matter



thanks for the help