pneumatics kits

hey, I was wondering what is the difference between the two pneumatics kits besides the prices and that one has a spring and the other doesn’t. Is there a difference performance wise or something?

The Single-acting cylinder can only “push” outward, while the Double-acting cylinders can “push” as well as “pull”. On the single-acting cylinders, the compressed air pushes the piston out, and the internal spring brings it back. On the double-acting cylinder, the piston is pushed outward by compressed air, and then pushed back inward by compressed air.

The single-acting kit only uses half as much air per ‘cycle’ (extend then retract piston) as the double-acting cylinder, however on the retract stroke you will not get much power out of the cylinder. Even though the double-acting cylinders can “push” as well as “pull”, they have slightly less force on the “pull” stroke. (The force provided by the cylinder is found by multiplying the air pressure times the surface area of the piston. On the “pull” stroke, you must subtract the area of the rod, so you get less force.)

okay thank you very much :smiley: