Pneumatics let out all the air during pre-autonomous

Context: We have wings using piston. We have it as a digital out, meaning that true is wings in, and false is wings out.
In the pre autonomous, when we have the wings set as true, all the air just gets let out, so then we cannot use it during driving or autonomous.

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Without knowing anything else (like some pictures), my best guess would be a plumbing problem between your solenoid valves and the air cylinders.

Double check that your air cylinders are connected to the correct ports on the solenoid valve.


That’s not the issue, we already looked at this.

My team had a funky solenoid (old single action one) where the air would just leak out from somewhere inside of it. Replacing it with a new one helped. A good plumbing setup lets out in theory no air except when its supposed to. So a bad solenoid could do it, or some plumbing could be done wrong or not tightly enough, which could also cause a leak.


Can you please give a diagram or picture of how you have your pneumatic system plumbed? Where is the air coming out? Can you post a video?

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Here’s an image.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like your solenoid is plugged into the wrong side.

I will go ask my team members

One way cylinder setup example. FYI.

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This is an example for single acting: