Pneumatics Not Strong Enough

Hi. My team is using a design for a claw, that is like the 99999v design. We only have single action pistons. We have 1 powering it, but we could add another if need be. The pneumatics are weak, and are not able to hold the mobile goal without the locking part. they do hold when the claw locks, but they have trouble releasing. when we add rubber bands to give it a better release, It can barely move at all. I am not sure if we are doing something wrong, or what, but we have a tournament this weekend, and next weekend, and we have no extra motors so we do not know what to do. Thank you for reading, and I will attach pictures later. if this was not obvious, this is a mobo claw.

Can you provide photos?

Yes, I am currently in school, but I have practice tonight, and I will add some pictures then.

Ok, will keep checking forums. Pictures just help with diagnosing the issues with the claw.

Check the pressure. my team runs at 80 PSI and it is a strong push; at 15-30 psi, it is weak.

We put 100 psi into it, and it is not leaking much. Is there some way I could check how much pressure the pneumatics are actually getting? Like is there a fitting that could go on the tube where the pneumatics would normally go in just to check how much pressure the pneumatics are actually getting? Sorry if that sounds confusing.

yes. there are devices that track pressure. most pumps have it

Yes, Mine does. would a standard fitting work on it? My air compressor is the rigid digital air compressor and it did come with some different fittings.

You need to make sure that you do not have any leaks. The reservoirs are small and teams are getting 16 cylinder moves per tank which isn’t very much. You can even lose some pressure by simply opening up the primary valve and pressurizing the system. A tiny leak will drain the system in a minute.

Talk with someone that has a little experience with pneumatics or at least plumbing. You need to have Teflon tape in the correct spots and look for any kinks or damage.


Ok. Thank you. I will post pictures later.

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When building the locking clamp design I ran into the same problem with it not releasing the way I fixed it was to add a bumper where the top c channel of the build collides with the bottom making the clamp not go so far it will lock the pneumatic from releasing

This picture was before I added the bumper but I can’t get a photo of the recent build as of now

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Then again you might have a pneumatic problem and not a problem with the build at all but I hope this helps

Ok. If you are able to get a new picture that would be helpful, but thank you for the tips.

A simple bumper like this should help the claw going too far it would lock itself from releasing it worked on our robot could possibly work on yours

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Ok. Thank you. That was not the specific issue I do not think,but that will still help. Thank you

Do you have any pressure regulators connected to your system? We had a similar issue with our tilter and it turned out that our regulators were over-tuned

what do you mean? What are pressure regulators? We might have one on there, but I am not the one who messes with the pneumatics. That would be the builder on my team, owen.

I know what they are as I just looked them up now. Are those needed for 1 single action pneumatic Piston?

No they are not needed, but generally encouraged so that you can get the most uses out of your clamp. However, I would try running your clamp without them just to check if that is the issue.

Here is an image just in case you were unsure what I meant by pressure regulator

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Thank you so much. That could be the issue. I will check at practice today.