Pneumatics on Backorder

My team ordered a pneumatics kit about a month ago, it’s still saying it’s on back order. Has anyone recently ordered pneumatics kits and/or have any idea when they might ship out?

Your best bet is to go to the primary source and contact or since you really only care about when you will get your order rather than when some rando on the VexForums gets theirs.


I think the pneumatics have been backordered since last August. Good luck!


Do you think getting pneumatics straight from the manufacturer will get here faster or do you think it will take the same amount of time.

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We got ours from SMC in about 4 weeks last February. I would say it is faster.


It will be faster, but keep in mind that some things (like the solenoid driver cables) are only made by vex and can thus only be bought from vex.