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So far I’ve managed to find all the parts in the single acting pneumatic kit except for three, the tire pump fitting and the two cylinder mounts. Anybody know where I can find them?

I can’t help you with the three your missing, but where did you find all the other parts? From this post?

no i searched the part numbers on the plc center. i can post the links if you want

This is a similar valve to the one currently used in the VEX Pneumatics System.

You should be able to work your way around the mounts, and use a different method for attaching the cylinders.

Hope this helps.


The mounts aren’t sold (I believe) those are made by VEX? Correct me if I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

I just custom made some mounts out of lexan or plastics. They work great if done right.

  • Andrew

That is correct Andrew, custom made by VEX.
Is possible to build a similar mount out of VEX structure, like using parts of a flexible 1x25 Bar.

Using Lexan to build the mounts is also a good idea.


Lucky colleges get plastic because the rest of us dont want to waste our precious lexan

Why not offer them as a seperate part? I know there are business reasons but I think it would be quite awesome if this were to be done. :slight_smile:

If you do it right you shouldn’t need one or you can make one very small mount. I guess it depends mainly on the mechanism.

What I’m doing is drilling the hole to .25 and using standoff to mount them.

  • Andrew

Could you please post the results of your search? You will save many of us a bit of time! Thank you!:smiley:

I found the bike valve at o’riley’s autobparts but I’m sure u could find it at any generic auto parts store