Pneumatics--Part sources

Search engines are not bringing up a convenient
source for the Tire Pump Fitting Part # 8090410075 for the pneumatics reservoir. Any suggestions?


Try using “US3729” as the part number.

The tire pump fitting can be found on PLCCenter here.


Thanks. The part number in the kit we bought last month is as written and appears to be from a Schrader International Cataloque. I assume over the years that there may have been different vendors providing that part. If you know for sure that was a tire pump fitting previously supplied in a pneumatics kit, I guess it is legal as well. And that is a shame as I just sent in a PLC order. But I also came to the conclusion that I only need one valve and can daisy chain the extra reservoirs.

Yeah that’s what we do. We link them all together in a line.


You can also get them for pretty cheap on McMaster-Carr. Here’s the link:

Just make sure to order 1/8" NPT and it will fit right into the air tanks.