Pneumatics Parts Order Sheet

Threw this spreadsheet together to help teams individually purchase pneumatic components. I use the site fairly regularly to order my pneumatic components for VexU. Even though some parts aren’t in stock, that is normal for SMC, they keep some things like fittings always in stock, but things like pistons and tanks you have to wait 4 weeks to get while they are manufactured in Japan and sent over. The only part I can’t source is the 1/8th NPT male thread to bike pump fitting. That part is apparently only done in very large orders. I linked a remote fill valve but that is of questionable legality due to it no longer being in the kits.


To add onto Andrew’s post a bit, the source I typically use is, prices can vary, so it’s often worth checking. If Radwell gets a surplus, their price can be pretty discounted.

As of this time/day, Radwell says they have 40 double acting cylinders in stock, but their price ($25) is higher than SMC’s ($18.88), but currently SMC is out of stock for their air cylinders. NCJ2D10-200 by SMC - Buy or Repair at Radwell -

For single parts, if you can’t meet the minimum-order requirements, robotmesh is worth a look, but they are currently out-of-stock on most items as well: Pneumatics - VEX V5/EDR


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