(Pneumatics) Pistons retracting on shutoff?

Hello everyone,
My robot uses pneumatics for it’s claw.
When we shut off the robot, our pistons seem to always retract.
Does anyone know a way to keep the pistons in their current states when the robot gets shut off?
I’m asking this because the pistons in our claw retract to allow it to flip down at the start of a match and we need them in the extended state to keep the claw folded up.

If you use single acting piston, there is a spring in there which retracts them, using double acting pistons can fix this problem…

We are using double acting pistons; the solenoid switches seem to always make them retract when the robot gets shut off.

Open valve – Claws will open (pistons extend) when you turn the switch.

  • Just open the switch when the robots off.
    *Or fill the reservoir(s) with the valve open.

Flip the solenoid. One of the ends is always pressurized on shut off but you choose which end that is by which end of solenoid goes to which end of the piston.

What do you mean by this? Could you please clarify?

So the solenoid has 2 ends. Which is which is determined by you. One of them is pressurized by default. All you want is that default to have the piston extended. So switch the output of the solenoid so the default goes to the end you want.